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Swapnplay Community Sharing Announcement from the Board of Directors
October 15th, 2014

Since April of 2014, the Swapnplay Community Sharing Board of Directors has been working with the Community Consulting Project to evaluate our organizational structure and create a vision for keeping St. Johns Swapnplay successful, productive, and relevant to families for years to come. During this process, we came to understand that we lacked enough resources to effectively continue with all three of our programs: the Swapnplay Playspace, the Preserve and Serve Library (a durable dish and food preservation resource), and Trash to Treasure (an annual sharing, recycling, reuse, clean-up event for the St. Johns and Cathedral Park neighborhoods).

We collectively decided that in order to support our primary mission—"to ease the burden on North Portland families by providing access to shared resources"—we would need to release both Preserve and Serve and Trash to Treasure programs. We believe that letting go of these programs will allow us to devote more time and attention to supporting our Playspace program, with fundraising, grant writing, and outreach—all of which will help ensure the Playspace remains a sustainable resource for the families of North Portland.

Preserve and Serve has been an incredibly successful community resource for five years, and we are excited to have found an organization able and willing to ensure that the library remains valuable and available. As of November 1, Preserve and Serve will become part of an exciting new business in downtown St. Johns, St. Johns Living Well. For those interested in learning more about this new business, please contact owner Kelly Guess. We trust Kelly to take over this inventory, as Kelly has spent years heavily involved in our community work as a volunteer and also has shown a strong alignment with our mission. St. Johns Living Well can be reached at 503-358-5767, or by email at

During the six years we ran Trash to Treasure we never imagined that the event would become so tremendously successful and popular. In part, we are unable to continue to provide this community resource precisely because of that incredible growth. We hope to see others take up the Trash to Treasure cause to provide opportunities for reuse and sharing along with a community cleanup. We're planning a community meeting where we'll offer our suggestions and guidance, gleaned from the six years we ran the event, about what it would take for Trash to Treasure to be reborn under another organization's banner. We will place an announcement in the St. Johns Neighborhood Association newsletter and St. Johns Review when we are ready to hold that meeting.

We wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of the many volunteers and community partners who have worked with us over the past six years. Your passion for reuse and sharing shines as a bright star in this vibrant, thriving community. We hope you will continue to volunteer with one of the many other wonderful non-profit community organizations serving North Portland.

Emily King
Kate Hance
Amy Potthast
Dre Davey
Celeste Janssen
Karen Reichstein

Swapnplay Playspace

Swapnplay Playspace: Our 4,000-square-foot playspace engages children in diverse, interactive activities while providing access to shared resources and opportunities for parents and caregivers to connect. From our inception in 2009 we have worked with our partners and parent volunteers to build an affordable, vibrant, inviting, and safe playspace with lots of activities to build cognitive and social skills as well as cultivating imagination, creativity and self-discovery. 

Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure: The largest community sharing event in Portland offers opportunities to share, reuse, recycle, and cleanup our community. Started in 2009, the annual event happens the Saturday after Earth Day in April. Over 6,000 items are exchanged between local residents at no cost, while thousands more are brought to area recycling centers. In addition to access to sharing and recycling we offer containers for bulky waste, although our focus is minimizing what goes to the landfill and maximizing options for reuse. Trash to Treasure is open to the public, free of charge, and 100% volunteer run.

Preserve and Serve

Preserve and Serve: North Portland Preserve and Serve is a community resource dedicated to fostering sustainability through home food preservation, waste reduction, and reuse. We loan a variety of food preservation equipment and durable dishes to North Portland community members. Since the library opened in 2009, we have seen over 2,000 durable dishes used, offsetting what would have gone to the landfill. Items are available on a first-come, first-served basis via email reservation. Low-cost classes in food preservation are offered monthly for $10 per class during the preserving season.